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Sunday 2nd November
Train running very late. Did not arrive in Paris till 5.30 am. Secured rooms at Marlborough Hotel, recently sold to a Bank and will close at end of year. Lunched at Café Giriffon. In afternoon called on Military attaché, Italian Legation, where we were issued with rail warrants for Rome. Dined at the restaurant at Gare de Lyon and took train at 9.35pm. Station exceedingly busy several European trains departing between 8 and 10pm. R.T.O. provided reserved seats, sleepers not available. Current rate of exchange 1 pound sterling = 39 francs.

Monday 3rd November
Quite comfortable night even without sleeper. Arrived at Aix le Bain about 9 am and reached Modana about noon. The last 20 miles to Modane very beautiful mountain country, covered in snow. Took a few snapshots. R.T.O. at Modana took us in hand and provided movement orders for Rome. Lunched at station, changed money and bought some postcards. Continued journey at 2.30pm. Shortly after leaving Modana the train traverses a seven mile tunnel (15 minutes run). On the Station side the scenery very beautiful. Mountain peaks covered with snow and all varities of foliage from brilliant Autumn tints to the dark green of the pines. Reached Turin after dark and continued journey to Genoa. Purchased cards at both Turin and Genoa, narrowly missing the train at the latter station. Arrived at Genoa at 10pm and left 20 minutes later for Rome via Pisa. Italian railway carriages not quite so comfortable as the French.

Tuesday 4th November
Arrived Rome about 10 am. I had previously been informed there were to be special peace celebrations today, but they had been cancelled. Took rooms at Grand Hotel. Called on British Military Attache, Lt Col Rocke, who is tomorrow to obtain necessary authority for our journey to the Italian Front. Lunched at Hotel. In afternoon walked to st Peters Cathedral, taking photos of Hadrians tomb and bridge en route also two views of the Cathedral. Rather disappointed with st Peters in comparison with st Pauls, London. Dined at Restaurant Marinese, Via Nazionale. Very good and reasonable in cost. Afterwards returned to Hotel, wrote letters and entered up my diary.
Military officers here very smartly turned out, and all wear dress swords.
Police dressed in dark blue with red stripe down trouser leg and peculiar three

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