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Briey noted for its iron mines is very interesting. Works are scattered along the roadside well towards Luxembourg.
Luxembourg is intensely interesting and picturesque and occupies as prominent a place in history as it does in the Duchy of Luxembourg.
We stay tonight at Treves, also a very ancient and interesting town.
Now we are in Germany proper, and hear German spoken on all sides.
By the Courtesy of the HQrs American Army, we are staying at the Hotel Porta Nigra, and very comfortable we are too.
Generally the journey today has been exceedingly interesting and the scenery very fine. The Roads are very bad generally - flanked in the main by fruit trees, cherries being in full bearing. Before reaching Verdun we passed many small obelisks erected by the 5th American Division to commemorate incidents in their advance. What if the Australians were to do likewise???
Epernay and Rheims noted for their Champagnes are in the midst of vines  €“ the hill sides full of them. The Valley of the Moselle between Luxembourg and Treves is indeed charming. Here again vines are everywhere in abundance. Mileage 235 miles.

Tuesday 24th June
Left Treves at 6.30 am and journeyed to Strasbourg, Saarburg,and Thionville  €“ Metz and Chateau Salino. From Treves to Saarburg one gets splendid views of the Saar river and Valley. Here also plenty of vines. On the way to to Thionville one gets splendid views of the Moselle. Thionville itself noted for its blast furnaces and steel works  €“ Included in the 1870 Battlefields. Here we breakfasted. Many signs of British bombing. From Thionville to Metz also splendid views of the Moselle Valley. Metz very interesting, and on its eastern face hundreds of crosses mark the graves of 1870 warriors. Metz Cathedral is very fine. From Metz to Strasbourg we travelled practically along the old French frontier, and here we saw [indecipherable] strong points heavily wired which had been constructed by the Boche. Now being demolished by farmers. Arrived Strasbourg 3pm. Called on Military Governor. Arranged for petrol for Swiss trip. Room secured for me at Hotel de la Ville de Paris, very comfortable if expensive.
Great peace celebrations tonight. The town has gone mad. In the main square by 8pm a huge crowd congregated. Here there was to be an assembly of troops and afterwards a

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