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Australia House. In afternoon remained in Hotel with Nell & Chris. Wrote Alvord and his Commanding officer re a weeks leave.

Tuesday 14th October
At War office, Clarence House (Duke of Connaught's residence) A.I.F. HQrs, Australia House Tailors and Servian Legation.
Lord Rawlinson arrived at War office from Russia.
Obtained from War office names and addresses of all Military attaché etc in Europe likely to be of use to me in my forthcoming journey.

Wednesday 15th October
Called at tailor A.I.F. HQrs. Wrote letter to M Deverux Charleroi re stonework for st Quentin Memorial. Instructed bank to forward him  £ 350 balance of his contract. In afternoon out with Nell. Took Chris to Madam Tussaud's Wax works.

Thursday 16th October
At A.I.F. HQrs. Saw Gen Monash re Honours and Awards in connection with demobilisation work. Arranged coordination of recommendations. At War office to see Lord Rawlinson.

Friday 17th October
At A.I.F. HQrs . Saw Lord Rawlinson at War office. Met a distinguished Brigadier, now Chief of British Military Mission Poland, V.C. and bar, DSO with 4 bars, and 10 times wounded. Lost left arm and left eye.

Saturday 18th October
Made arrangements for journey to Bradford, secured tickets and dining Car Seats.

Sunday 19th October
Left for Bradford at 10.55 AM, arrived 7.15pm. John Halford met us at Station. All very well at Bradford. Mrs George Halford gave birth on Friday to a daughter.
Long tiring journey to Bradford by Sunday trains.

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