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Wednesday 8th October
In morning continued my inquiries at various Embassies etc. Called at War Office and arranged for War office document to be provided me for my journey Eastward. Saw Gen Ironside, just returned from Archangel, also Gen Ashmore Commanding London Air defences.
Called at A.I.F. HQrs
In afternoon with Nell and Chris motored out to Hampton Court, and spent a very enjoyable time in inspecting the Palace and grounds. Chris very interested in the Maze.

Thursday 9th October
Visited A.I.F. HQrs and attended to Sundry correspondence. Completed papers at Pay office covering the extra 15 day leave to which I am entitled in Australia by reason of having served on in England after Sept 1st 1919.
In afternoon took Chris to the Zoological Gardens - Nell doing shopping.

Friday 10th October
Again at A.I.F. HQrs and Commonwealth Bank also War office. In afternoon interviewed Gen Birdwood, who thanked me for my services to the A.I.F. and wrote me especially concerning the work of the Depots during demobilisation. Met General Smythe.

Saturday 11th October
At A.I.F. HQrs. Received letter from Mayor of Mt st Quentin informing me of Councils official decision to secure ground for us free of cost on which 2nd Div Memorial is to stand. Had letters etc translated and copies taken. Saw Longstaffs painting of Mt st Quentin. Very good indeed. In afternoon took Chris to British Museum. Much of it still closed to the public.

Sunday 12th October
At Hotel writing up diary during morning. Lunched with Sir Nevill and Lady Smythe. The General has many interesting sketches and documents concerning his early military experiences.
Miserable wet day

Monday 13th October
In morning at War office, Horse Ferry Road and

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