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cornered Hats. Very good Orchestra playing in Hotel.
City generally clean. Italian bank in Via Nazionale a fine modern building.
Saw General Deleve Radcliffe at the Hotel. He gave me certain information re Italian front.

Wednesday 5th November
At 11.30 am Col Rocke called re journey to Trentino and Gorizia. He has placed his Italian liaison officer (Lieut Magistrati) at my disposal. Today he has lunched with us at our hotel.
The Italian Minister of War has placed a car at our disposal, and this afternoon we visited the Coliseum, Arch of Constantine, Forum etc. and adjoining places of interest. Took a few photos. Architecture intensely interesting. Later called at Roumanian Legation, Foreign office, British Embassy and British Consulate.
Rail journey arranged to Verona, train leaving Rome tomorrow night. This time sleepers are available. Col Rocke has arranged tennis match for tomorrow between Sabatini the Italian Champion and O'Hara Wood. Play to commence at 2.30pm. The British Ambassador, Sir George Buchanan will attend. It has been arranged that tomorrow at 10 am I call a General Diaz the Italian Commander in Chief, and at 10.30 on British Ambassador. Very fine weather so far.
Interesting talk with Military Attache re effect of Italy's neutrality at Commencement of war, making it possible for France to move two Army corps from the French  €“ Italian Frontier. These Corps really saved the situation at the battle of the Marne. Understand that relations between Italy and England at the moment are not of the happiest, owing partly to the Fiume episode, and partly to the believed lack of support of Italy's demands against America demands.
This morning we walked down the main business street and made purchases of post cards and photographs. Italian officer accompanied us around the old Roman buildings. Could easily spend a month in this city viewing its wealth of Architectural and Art treasures.
Arrangements are being made for me to receive from the Commando Supremo a set of 100 typical Italian Army photos, illustrative of their various battle fronts. The British Military Attache is very kindly helping us all he can tho' I fear he will not be able to arrange an audience with the Italian King owing to His Majesty's absence from Rome. He is at present near Pisa, while I hear the Queen of Roumania is at the moment at Florence.
Italian rate of exchange 1 pound sterling = 58 lire.

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