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but with the Swiss Authorities the matter was quite different. Passports examined, car weighed and sealed, account for 880 franks charged as deposit for return of car. Rather a [indecipherable] - leaving us very short for expenses. Sparks again to the rescue. Luckily yesterday we had bought refreshments of all kinds in Strasbourg and packed a hamper for the journey. Lt Denning not with us, he left for London today from Strasbourg via British Army of occupation to sit for a Diplomatic Service exam. After an hour's delay passed frontier. Arrived Constance about 6pm and reconnoitred the town as far as German Sentries would permit. Lunched near [indecipherable] al Fresco. The scenery very beautiful, the Rhine valley here is indeed a beautiful strip of country.
From Strasbourg to Bale very fertile, beyond very hilly and scenery magnificent. Discovered 2 leaves broken in near front wheel spring. Effected temporary repairs at lunch time.
Constance beautifully situated on the edge of the lake. Sorry not sufficient time or opportunity to explore thoroughly. Stayed at Hotel Barndorf Constance. Mileage 178 miles.

Thursday 26th June
Left Constance at 6 am. Miserable drizzling rain. Passed through Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken, Saanen & Bulle where we stayed for the night at Hotel de P. Union. Very comfortable. Journey today entrancingly beautiful. Zurich a charming town charmingly situated, but pales into the background beside Lucerne which is absolutely delightful. Buildings a fine type - streets scrupulously clean.
Journey from Lucerne onward to Bulle specially interesting. The rain and mist spoilt many of the best views.
Breakfasted just before entering Zurich lunched on roadside overlooking Lac de Sarnen. Crossing of the Brunig Col especially beautiful. Ran into a heavy snow storm  €“ imagine in mid summer and later on at [indecipherable] ran into a second and much more severe one. View of mountains at Interlaken rather obscured but we saw sufficient to get a fair idea of the scenery generally. Jung Frau standing up majestically.
We had intended to go on to Geneva via the Southern side of the lake, but because of Customs troubles at the French frontier decided to take another road from Saanen and branched

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