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addressed No 52 Quota. Then proceeded to Weymouth and addressed No 53 Quota at 4.45, returning to Tidworth at 8pm.

Monday 26th May
In office all morning. Lieut Gen Sclater and ADC lunched at Bhurtpore Mess and said goodbye to the Staff. I responded. With the C in C visited Codford, Sutton Veny, Longbridge Derverill and Hurdcott where in each case parades were held followed by March past. Gen Sclater addressed each parade and said goodbye. Afternoon tea with Gen Keane.

Tuesday 27th May
Left Tidworth at 6 am for Devonport via Swindon, arriving at Plymouth at 12.35. Proceeded to Keyham Docks and inspected SS. Ris Padu. Lt Col McColl OC. Troops. Ship well fitted and food good. Deck space limited. Conversed with troops as they embarked. Left Devonport 4.15pm arriving Tidworth 9.30pm

Wednesday 28th May
Gen Foot visited Tidworth in morning. Later in morning I visited No 7 Group to address No 55 Quota.

Thursday 29th May
Left Tidworth 6 am for Devonport via Swindon arriving at 12.35pm. Inspected [indecipherable] at Keyham Docks the sister ship to the Ris Padu which sailed on 27th inst. Major Berth OC Troops. Conversed with troops and later caught train at 4.15, arriving Tidworth 9.30pm.

Friday 30th May
Left Tidworth at 7.45 for London. Visited Generals Birdwood, Monash and Griffiths. Returned to Tidworth 8pm. In evening attended a subscription dance in aid of the GOCs fund.

Saturday 31st May
Left for London 6 am arriving Euston 8.15. Left Euston for Liverpool arriving 2pm. Proceeded to docks and inspected SS. [indecipherable]. OC. Troops LT Col Henderson.

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