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Friday 21st November
Left Buzeu at 9 am. Car not satisfactory. Lunched at Ploesci rail station, continued journey by car arriving Bucharest 4.30pm. Interesting discussions with peasants on roadside re cattle horses etc taken from them by the Germans, and their non participation in present loot from Hungary. Bitterly cold day, we have found it specially so in the open car.
Called on Minister of War in Bucharest at 5pm and thanked him for his provision of car and guide. He has given us a car for our journey to the Danube tomorrow morning.
With Col Duncan called on M. Michu, but did not get a chance to see him. There is great excitement in Political Roumania over the Allied note calling on Roumania to take certain courses of action before October 2nd otherwise diplomatic relations will be broken of. The opening of Parliament yesterday was apparently a brilliant function tho' it is difficult to get a truthful indication of the peoples feelings, yet judging by the attitude of all deputies (including those from Transylvania and other new territories) there seems to be genuine loyalty to the Roumanian Crown.
Dined at grand Hotel with Col Duncan an American University Professor named Clarke, who is doing publicity work in America on behalf of Roumania and Italy. Owing to Grand Hotel being full Wood and I had to share room at the Palace Hotel.

Saturday 22nd November
Car arrived at Hotel at 6 AM, at which hour we left for Rustchuck [possibly Rustchuk] in Bulgaria via Giurgiu Arrived at Riverside side at 8 am. Left baggage and returned to town for usual light Continental breakfast. Actually crossed river at 11 AM, here nearly a mile wide. Lt [indecipherable] British Intelligence Officer stationed at Rustchuck very kindly met us, looked after our baggage, arrangements for lunch, sleeping berths etc. Excellent lunch at Rustchuck consisting of soup, steak, bread, apples and wine for 3 persons plus wine and apples for our hamper 48 lap = 6 /- stg. Sausages grilled and served on wooden plates, relic of old days.
Guigiu much damaged, Rustchuck very little. Most Roumanium shells "duds".
Excellent country from Bucharest to river, like that seen on our northern run. Much [indecipherable] everywhere, as far as the eye can reach.
Heavy snow all afternoon. Left Rustchuck for Sofia at 1.5pm.
Dined on board train from contents of our hamper.
Bulgarian rate of exchange 1 pound English = 170 [indecipherable]

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