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Friday January 2nd 1919
Arrived at Melbourne  €“ Might have been an ordinary stranger visiting Australia  €“ Not a soul to meet me from Defence Department  €“ During my short stay in Melbourne had to make my own personal arrangements for transport in calling on various officials and personal friends. When I called on General Chauvel at Victoria Barracks, he looked at me in astonishment and wanted to know when I had arrived. Spending several months at Tidworth in control of the A.I.F. in England during demobilisation apparently was of no consequence or importance to Departmental or Ministerial officers  €“ Fortunately ones Service generally was given - not for material reward, and the knowledge within one's own breast of having done the best possible under all circumstances is reward enough  €“ At the hands of His Majesty the King I have all I need in the way of recognition.

Saturday 3rd Jan Left Melbourne

Sunday 4th Jan At Sea

Monday 5th Jan Back home again in Sydney. Arrived early morning. My relatives about to meet me  €“ but Mother missing -.
I specially appreciated the fact that a number of my old gunners of the Howitzer Battery in NSW, who had also served with me overseas had left their morning's work in order to welcome me home  €“ General Lee too, the State Commandant was present in the wharf and was the first to mount the gangway and grip my hand in Welcome  €“ I told him of my experiences in the ports of the other Australian Capital Cities and expressed my sincere pleasure to see him. In his characteristic language he assured me that "Had I arrived in the middle of the - - night he would have been there to meet me."
Now Active Service is left behind  €“ I hope never to cross my path again and I must bend myself to the resuscitation of my practice  €“ 5 ½ lost years to make up for.

-- FINIS --

[Transcribed by Eric Hetherington, Rosemary Cox and Adrian Bicknell for the State Library of New South Wales]

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