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Wednesday 19th November
We were supposed to leave our Hotel at 8 am this morning, but car did not arrive till 9. We set out to reach the oil Wells at Campania by about 12.30 or 1 o'clock, but owing to sundry punctures we did not arrive till 3pm. We were very hospitably entertained by the Manager & his wife to lunch even at that late hour, and afterwards went over the works. There are innumerable wells close together of an average depth of about 500 metres. Oil is withdrawn from the wells by means of [indecipherable] long iron tubes about 8" diameter with a valve at bottom. This is lowered down the well automatically fills and is withdrawn, all in the space of about 4 minutes. Works are again almost in full working order, having been reestablished after the British destruction when Roumania was overrun by the Boche. The refinery is an up to date concern and here we saw the crude oil as it comes from the earth being treated in various ways and the resultant products Benzine, benzol, petrol [indecipherable], [indecipherable], paraffin etc. Boilers are fed with "oil fuel". The main seaport is Constanza to which there is a pipe line some 4 hundred miles long for delivery of purified "benzine". Had almost interesting encounter with one of the chemists, concerning the future of Roumania. He reminded me that though the people are naturally intelligent their system of government and education in the past has been badly arranged. The residents in the town have had all the representation and all the education to the detriment of country classes. Now however voting privileges have been extended, votes must be recorded in default of which penalties are imposed and now all classes have their representation in parliament. Left Campain about 5.30 to 6pm and arrived at Ploesci at 8pm. Rooms arranged at Hotel Europe.

Thursday 20th November

Left Ploesci at 8 am for Marasoti Battle fields, Halted at Buzeu [possibly Buzau] at 11 am for petrol and oil. Roads very bad indeed. Arrived at Foscani at 2pm lunched by the roadside, then went over battle in detail with map. Battle lasted 15 days and was evidently of a very strenuous nature. Russians assisting Roumanians at outset of battle but gradually retired from the field. Returned to Buzeu arriving at 9.30pm, delayed owing to punctures. Billeted in the private home of a deputy, Wood and Roumanian Major in Hotel. Interesting country magnificent agricultural ground. Villages poor and filthy, towns better. Sanitary arrangements generally very defective. Roads desperately bad. Bridges have all been "done in" but are now in most cases repaired and useable.

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