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Saturday 29th November
Delightfully smooth sea. Passed Rhodes at 5pm. Due to arrive Port Said 7 am on 1st instant.

Sunday 30th November
At Sea

Monday 1st December
Arrived Port Said at 7 am. Owing to Constantinople being a plague infected port, Quarantine regulations provide that we must remain on the ship till evening of 2nd inst. I hear that the "Orsova" is due at 2pm on the 4th inst. If therefore we had no quarantine restrictions we could have travelled to Palestine front but that too has to be cancelled because of shortage of time

Tuesday 2nd December
Moved into harbour at 6pm and decided to remain on board till tomorrow morning.

Wednesday 3rd December
Disembarked 9.30 am. From office of Senior Naval officer sent wireless to Nell telling her I was waiting in Port Said.
Arranged for rooms at Casino Palace Hotel. Moved round town during day. Arranged for films of photos taken on recent travels to be developed.

Thursday 4th December
Round town during day. Films and prints finished. Orsova now due 6 am 5th inst. Rate of exchange  £ 1 = 971/2 Piastres

Friday 5th December
"Orsova" came in at 6 am. Joined ship at 7.15 am. Navy provided launch to be at my disposal till departure of ship. Found Nell and Chris well and accommodation very good. After breakfast took family ashore. Afterwards had a run round the harbour and Chris took some photos. Returned to ship at 11.30. Moved away at noon. Just before 5pm passed big camp and Railway yards at Kantara and about 9.30pm passed the site of our old HQRS at [indecipherable]. Practically no trace now remains of the enormous amount of work done in 1916  €“
Glorious Moonlight night.

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