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was not required. Arrangements had been made for me to stay with Gen Milne the C in C at Therapia on the Bosporus, but on our late arrival and brevity of stay in Constantinople made me decide to accept the hospitality of "A" Mess in Pera. OHara Wood being accommodated in "C" Mess. General Duncan MGGS, late of 4th Aus Div whom I had hoped to see here, left a few days since for England. Had an interesting talk with Col Rawlinson an Engineers officer who is doing diplomatic and political work in Anotolia. He is a brother of Lord Rawlinson and incidentally told me of the high estimation in which his brother held the Australian troops. Rate of exchange  £1 English = 350 Piastres

Wednesday 26th November
After breakfast went to GHQ to arrange re tour of Gallipoli Peninsular. Saw Gen Anderson (GSO 1 acting for MGGS) and discussed details with him. Saw Gen Milne and had a most interesting conversation with him concerning the Campaign in Salonica and conditions generally in Turkey and Asia Minor. Received cable from London saying that Orsova had sailed on scheduled date (22nd inst) and that my family had embarked. It now only remains for me to ensure embarkation at Port Said. Called on Admiral de Robeck, High Commissioner as was as Naval Commander in Chief. He has arranged for a sloop to take us tonight to Chanak so that on 27th inst we May look on Gallipolis fields. GHQ has arranged for S.S. Hapsburg to call at Chanak on morning of 28th and take us to Port Said. Arrangements made for Col Hughes A.I.F. to show us round Gallipolis fields. Col Anderson in the afternoon took us to see as much as possible of Constantinople in the limited time at our disposal. Visited three mosques. S. Sophia, [indecipherable] Validech [indecipherable] and mosque of Ahmed I, all intensely interesting. Took several photos. Tile work and mosaics of interiors very fine. Then on to the "Great Bazaar" where we made sundry purchases including a specimen of the Turkish Gallipoli medal and ribbon. Here we met Col Butler & his wife, Col Butler who was for so long doing intelligence work at Australian HQrs is now on the staff of Admiral de Robeck. Visited Turkish delight shop, saw sweets manufactured and bought some for the family. Bought some stamps for Chris, also Attar of Roses for Nell. Postcards will be secured for us by an officer at GHQ and sent on by the Hapsburg tomorrow. Everybody has been exceedingly kind to us and, and I regret exceedingly we could not stay here for at least a week. From Pera splendid views are obtained of the Bosphorus, Scutari, Golden Horn and the Princes Islands including Prinkepo. Had Passport Visaed and caught Naval Sloop (the "Overton") at 6.30pm. Constantinople entrancing by night, with its city, ferry, and shipping lights.

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