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From Australia to Gallipoli

arising from the eight small villages which seem to be held by the poorer classes. The houses were of meague architecture being apparently antiquated and rough built, but the exquisite sunset vividly illuminated the sky from behind with its many glorious radiating colours, blended together in a splendour unsurpassed in any other place in the world.

At Mudros, a small and insignificant township situated about four miles from Castra on the extreme south, were glorious and ancient Grecian baths the interior of which was neatly paved with white marble slabs. The water from the ever flowing wells was naturally hot, of an even temperature and gave very invigorating effect. The island was certainly most valuable & would make an ideal locality for residential flats and private houses.

At 4 p.m. on the 24th April 1915, the 3rd brigade moved slowly from its magnificent and well sheltered harbour. They were the first to make a landing. They were to be the covering force upon whom would depend the nucleus for success and victory.

This brigade was followed at intervals by others, and by noon on the following day the New Zealand and Australian division moved majestically & defiantly from its moorings as it proceeded on the way to reinforce their comrades who had then effected

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