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Walker's Ridge – Pope's Hill – Quinn's Post

glad to venture on our next experience which was visibly seen on account of the great number of newly arrived British troops who were being harboured from view of the aeroplanes amongst the hilly mountains which were cut away by us into a series of ledges for their accommodation.

It proved true. We were in conjunction with the New Zealanders to constitute the main attacking force for the supremacy of the Sari Bair mountains to which we were to approach from the direction of Suvla Bay.

At midnight, we landed at Anzac Beach
And while resting during the night,
We dreamed of victory within reach,
Of prospects and visions bright,
At dawn they we climbed the mountains steep
And were making for Walker's Ridge
Where many of us would soon sleep
After crossing eternity's bridge.
But others with an iron will
Kept on climbing Gallipolis's crests,
And hundreds fell fighting at Quinn's PostPope's Hill
While others died game at Quinn's Post.

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