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The Royal Engineers

The water supply was always a problem to contend with at Gallipoli.

Engineers sunk numerous well holes at different stations but they were in themselves inefficient, and only capable at their best of supplying a few hundred men. A great quantity of clear water was obtained by sinking shallow wells at intervals down the gullies. This detained the water and kept it from running to waste into the sea.

This was particularly noticeable down Shrapnel Gully where shallow wells were plentiful, and were really the only means by which we were able to quench our dreadful thirst during the first few weeks. This state of conditions soon changed for water barges which were replenished from time to time at Lemnos or Imbros island kept us supplied with water for the rest of the campaign.

Other parties of engineers were engaged in the manufacture of hand grenades which were made out of jam tins with a gelignite or ammonal charge, and filled with various scrap metal for missiles.

The construction of piers for the embarkation and disembarkation of soldiers or war commodities was a necessary and dangerous undertaking. Watson's pier was erected at Anzac Cove. This pier which was strongly

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