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Walker's Ridge -- Pope's Hill -- Quinn's Post

the rear. Under the leadership of Lieutenant Wilson the small party climbed the steep, and in some places, an almost impregnable incline, helping each other as we went by means of long branches or our rifles which we used as levers. After a series of strenuous efforts we gained the ridge, and lay down secluded among the scrub, while scouts were sent out in different directions to reconnoitre the country, to gain information of the movements of the Turks, and, if possible, to come into touch with the New Zealand troops who were expected to arrive in our rear from the direction of Anzac Cove. The Turks must have ascertained our intentions as we were ascending the ravine for we had not waited more than a few minutes when bullets started to whirl in the air directly above our heads, and as they perfected their range to a nicety our men began to fall in quick succession. The wounded were helped as soon as possible to safety, but the cases which were more serious were left behind to the mercies of the Turks as we hurriedly retired to the rear. Not any of us had the slightest idea of the general outlay of the country, but as providence had it we successfully linked up with the New Zealanders who had already experienced a few sharp encounters.

Open fighting was the order of the day. On account of the scrubby nature of the country much difficulty was experienced in locating the position of the enemy who on several occasions advanced as far as the crest of our hill. This caused our men to retreat a few hundred yards along the plateau, and on

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