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The Royal Engineers

reversed the parapets, built up traverses and erected overhead cover against the incessant bombing of our positions by the Turks. When all became quiet the general routine of tunnelling forward, of strengthening the saps, and preparing underground rooms for winter quarters was resumed.

The underground winter quarters at all places along the firing line from Lone Pine to Hill 60 at Suvla Bay were a mass of marvellous engineering, even surpassing the wildest imagination of our miners.

The rooms measured anything from twenty to twelve feet in dimensions, and were twenty feet below the surface of the earth. They generally had two entrances one of which linked up to another room if possible. They were almost completed when the evacuation was ordered.

All these engineering feats were performed with wholly unsuitable materials, with a minimum of material, and executed under most dangerous conditions.

We (the infantry) owe many of our successes to the competent manner in which the engineers helped us in overcoming what appeared to be insurmountable obstacles.

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