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Army Medical Corps

provided with billiard tables and reading material, were a great comfort after the trials of the firing line.

The canteens were well provided with all our requirements, and the prices were always moderate.

The leave which was obtained from the hospitals was generally liberal but was often hard to obtain on account of the great number of applications. Concerts were frequently arranged amongst the hospital patients, but those arranged by the residents were more patronised. They passed away many pleasant hours and helped us to forget the past. The great visiting day at the hospitals was Sunday. We always looked forward to this day for our friends brought us many nice presents, and often talked about things which revived many a pleasant memory of Australian home life.

The Australian Red Cross society were always stationed at the various hospitals, and we were supplied regularly with comforts. Before closing the article it seems fitting to pay tribute to the Australian hospitals which were stationed at Lemnos Island. The conditions there were highly unsuitable for hospital requirements. The water from the well holes was scarce and impure, often causing much diarrhoea, and typhoid! A large water condensing structure was being erected on the southern beach, but it was not

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