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the peninsular had been decided upon, and by degrees units were being dwindled away until on December 19 our last batch retired in silence, leaving the trenches entirely devoid of men, wholly to the ignorance of the Turks, and having worked their way along the saps to the shores, they left the peninsular for ever a beaten but determined foe.

The evacuation was carried out magnificently. Each party moved off at a specific time at the head of its commander, who had to report to a divisional officer stationed at the bottom of the gully. The numbers were checked, and the men were then lead by specially selected staff officers to the respective wharves, where the numbers were again checked.

Every detail was settled & faithfully carried out. Excellent discipline was maintained, without which such a magnificent performance could never have been accomplishment.

From all directions the various regiments left at the tick of the clock, & embarked successfully under the excellent supervision of the naval officers. Fuses were set to time before leaving & cunningly devised schemes were invented to make rifles would go off at certain times, which made the Turks think we were still holding the line.

Thanks to providence calm weather welcomed us each night. with Had the weather broken, great difficulty would have been experienced, & there would be a different tale to tell.

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