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Shrapnel Gully

dressing stations where they received the best medical aid that was possible to render under such awkward conditions.

After the wounded had been hurriedly dressed they were carefully removed by the red cross men on donkeys or stretchers to the hospitals on the beach. After they had received further medical treatment there, they were removed to the hospital ships bound for Egypt, Malta or England.

The dead were placed in the mortuary from where they were removed at night, and under the supervision of our Padres they were placed in the various graveyards with an insignificant and rough hewn cross, and with little sympathy to mark the spot where they rest in peace, given all they could give – their life for King and country.

Stern as those rocky mountains,
Sweet as the morning dew
Fresh as a new born fountain
That plays in pastures new,
Are heroes who fell in this battle
Who died for you and me
Midst shell and machine gun rattle
Comrades in arms bless them

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