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dominating hill 60 which position would secure for us a safer communication between Anzac and Suvla Bay, together with a commanding view of the Anafarta Valley.

On the afternoon of the 21st a force comprising New Zealanders, Indians, South Wales Borderers and Australians was concentrated in the various valleys preparatory to the attack which was timed to commence at 4.30 p.m., each unit having its own objective to gain and consolidate.

The 4th Australian Brigade, who were mobilised in Australia Gully were anxiously waiting for the bombardment by our land batteries, which were pounding the Turkish trenches with high explosives, to cease.

In the meantime the South Wales Borderers were passing by us in a column of fours as they proceeded up the gully to gain position before attacking.

Suddenly the bombardment ceased, and each platoon, moving off independently at the lead of its respective commander, leaped the trenches in file formation with clocklike precision, and after descending the slope we reached the Dere, climbed the next hill which was typical of the rugged Gallipoli mountains, and before the Turks had time to regain their trenches our men made a typical dash in open formation across the low

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