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From Australia to Gallipoli

aerial manoeuvres lending to the once insignificant harbour a magnificent and unique spectacle of a suitable port for mercantile marine bent on commercial enterprise.

From that day that very pretty little island was to be an intermediate base for all operations of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, and from time to time improvements of vast importance and great expense were made.

Hospitals were erected of weatherboard structure which presented a neat appearance. These hospitals acted as clearing stations and were very comfortably arranged with all necessities. It became, too, a resting place for regiments as they required a change from the toils of Gallipoli. The island was soon covered with masses of white tents under whose cover the men earned a well deserved rest.

Beautiful green fields suitable for suitable for sports were greatly welcomed by the men and many enjoyable hours were spent at cricket, football, or athletics which were a speedy recuperative for those destined to return to the Gallipoli peninsular.

Extensive works of a paramount importance were speedily erected. Piers and break waters were erected built up wherever necessary, and a huge condenser was built on the southern beach to make adequate the much needed water supply which was impure and causing much illness.

The population numbered roughly 45,000 souls

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