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with the Egyptians whose Mohameden religion forbids them the privilege of intoxicating liquor which proves an excellent idea and never saw a drunken Egyptians.

Nearly every street has its silk shop, and perhaps those situated at the bazaar were better and cheaper. Excellent laces, silks, and ornaments were purchased at these shop which were a favourite haunt of those who had money to spend on presents for relatives and sweethearts back in sunny Australia

The back streets and by-ways even in the very heart of the city, were in numerous cases accompanied lined on either side by houses of ugly appearance. The interiors were filthy, the dust lying thick on the floors which never seemed to be washed or even swept. The inhabitants are of all nationalities including Arabs, Montenegrins, Syrians, Jews, Albanians, Greeks, and many other European nations. Their morals in some cases we found degrading and awful.

The main thorough fares in the European quarter were wide an clean, and stately building of modern architecture, generally built of brick rendered with cement, presented a pleasing aspect to the eye.

The more expensive private homes, owned by the wealthy Egyptians, were beautifully situated amongst the date palms. Artistic furniture and beautiful rugs were a dominating feature

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