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Chapter 11

Memories of Egypt

Boots-a-clean ! Boots-a-clean ! was invariably the cry that welcomed us as we strolled on our way to enjoy a little relaxation in Cairo after a hard days work and the regular monotony of camp life. Nigger boys in droves would follow in our trail until one of them was engaged, or perhaps their boot boxes would be smashed to particles by a weighty and well directed kick from a burly Australian who had had too much of their impudence.

In restaurants they would concentrate in scores. Planted as firm as a rock beneath the tables they would get. and With a friendly nod of the head from a small nigger boy, wearing a white cricketing hat which was with a superscription such as "Australian's Dinkum Shiner" written across the band, we knew he was in readiness to do his humble duty for the meagre sum of half piastre, and the accomplishment of his performance he generally reaped his reward.

The boots generally looked bright and shiny but the red ink solution caused a discolouration in the leather.

The restaurants and [indecipherable] shops were always extensively patronised. They were always full and must have reaped a profit splendid harvest from the Australians and New Zealanders who, however, did not always pay.

For taking full advantage of the over excited French & Italian waiters who became enfeebled by the noisy crowd and the

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