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From Australia to Gallipoli

concentrated fire from our flanks the striking distance for a bayonet charge was reached. With a half hearted yell (for the men were always tired at this stage) the hidden position of the imagined enemy was assaulted by storm amid much excitement.

An hours spell was allowed during which time we ate our lunch. After this the fall in was sounded, and we prepared for a dreary march through the desert on our way back to camp.

A clean and brush up we were then free for a much needed spell to Heliopolis & Cairo which every night was crowded with British and Australian soldiers hurrying too and fro in search of amusement. Unfortunately amusements were scarce. There were a great many picture shows but the only variety show of any note was the "Kursaal". It was the restaurants and hotels that were mostly frequented, and consequently the streets were often very rowdy at night. During the day, however, trips down the Nile, to the obelisks, mosques, antiquities, Zoological gardens, Museums etc., occupied our time in sight seeing. Occasionally a race meeting was held under the auspicious of the military authorities. But these meetings were very seldom.

The Australians found the Egyptians polite and obliging at times, but not always strictly

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