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From Australia to Gallipoli

conquest of Turkey.

Under conditions entirely unsuitable for military manoeuvres on account of the sandy nature of the desert, and the penetrating heat of the shining sun, the Australian troops underwent the severest and most strenuous training. A little too strenuous for some, I consider, for many were tired and worn out before the landing at Gallipoli was ever attempted.

The divisional days were the most spectacular and enduring. They were a test for the stamina, stability and discipline of the troops. Having formed up in close column at an early hour, the different units would be brilliantly marched out at the head of their respective bands with almost empty stomaches, a bare days ration and one water bottle which we were never allowed to replenish. After we had walked several miles along the roadway (i.e. if there was a roadway along that particular course) we would branch out onto the desert soil until we reached to within striking distance of the enemy's supposed artillery position, and then the order was given "to artillery formation – move", when massive bodies of khaki uniforms would be seen in echelon formation throughout a vast expanse of desert as far as the eye could see.

When the danger from rifle fire had been reached the extended order was given and by a series of short rushes under cover of

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