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From Australia to Gallipoli

idea of so many officials often disheartened the men to such an extent that they often were inclined to give it best.

But as time passed the military strategy became more complex, more interesting Company, Battalion, and Brigade drill accompanied by sham fighting and long route marches, and a reasonable amount of practice at the rifle range greatly enlightened their intelligence and instilled more enthusiasm into their work.

Before christmas 1914 both the first and second contingents had left Australia. The various transports left the harbours independently to concentrate at Albany from which harbour they departed in three lines abreast lending to the admirable landscape a beautiful and inspiring spectacle.

The first contingent which arrived in Egypt early in december was drafted to historic Mena, a favourite halting place of Napoleon's army during his campaign of

The second contingent arriving in Egypt early in February pitched their camps at Heliopolis, and Zeitoun, while several light horse regiments were directed to Maadi, a healthy and convenient location. As our rank and file gradually grew this through men becoming incapacitated by illness or overexertion, reinforcements arrived at intervals from Australia to fill up the vacant positions of the various units who were eventually destined for the

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