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Chapter 2

Anzac Beach

It was on this rocky, mountainous land,
Midst gun fire, shrapnel and shell
That our boys landed to take a hand
In the fight, and though thousands fell,
They proved that Anzacs were brave and true,
On each cross you find a name
Who once deed for fought bravely for me and you
They and died for Australia's fame

A little to the north of GabaTepe lies a narrow rocky beach which is scarcely one hundred yards in width. From it rise very steep hills which are well covered in grass, large boulders, and numerous small trees which give it a very rugged appearance. It was there on the 25th April 1915 that indelible deeds of bravery, of heroic sacrifice, & of mutual friendship were done by the brilliant Australian and New Zealand Army Corp. It was from these initials of these names that the word Anzac was formed. A name which shall always be honoured an heritage of honour to be handed down from generation to generation. The third Australian brigade who were officially chosen by Sir Ian Hamilton to undertake the most difficult task of effecting a landing in a foreign country against a most formidable and well prepared enemy, had been daily practising their plans of attack at Lemnos Island where they were stationed a few weeks previously. During the early dawn of April 25th this brigade who were transported in warships to within two miles of the beach, were transferred

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