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Anzac Beach

retired to a marked out line running in a semi-circular contour from about a mile north of Gaba Tepe to Fisherman's hut.

During the night the fourth Australian brigade and the New Zealand brigades came on he scene after suffering a few casualties from stray and spent bullets and participated in the dreadful onslaughts of the Turks during the 26th

The transports were standing well out to sea, but the Turks, as they brought their artillery into position, peppered the ships with shrapnel which caused them to scatter, and to anchor further out. An excellent view of the country was seen by those who were still aboard the transports. It was impossible to see the khaki uniforms against the thick, scrubby hillsides but the incessant and almost deafening rifle fire could be distinctly heard. The warships were firing with brilliant accuracy as they decimated the ranks of the Turkish reinforcements who were to be seen in thick formation at various intervals.

As the hours passed by the various units were disembarked
and on the boats and hurriedly despatched to the different positions until gradually the Turkish attacks were temporally checked, and our position was consolidated. Once our position was secured fatigue and pioneer parties were soon at work reconstructing the dreary waste of wreckage on the beach, and to bury burying our fallen soldiers and sailors.

The discarded and dead All loose equipment

Current Status: