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From Australia to Gallipoli

a landing successfully and were vigorously pushing ahead.

Simultaneously with landing at Gaba Tepe by the Australians, a footing was made on much the same scale at Cape Helles, the most southern point of the Gallipoli peninsular.

Deeds of unsurpassed valour and heroism were committed there just the same way as at Anzac Cove.

The most daring exploit of all was the running ashore of the from the transport 'River Clyde". The British soldiers leaping through the broken sides straight into the well directed Turkish rifle and machine gun fire effected a marvellous landing after suffering most cruel casualties. On passing the scene at 3.30 p.m. that afternoon an excellent view was displayed of the warships and transports huddled together along the rocky Gallipoli shore. The warships partly obscured by the gloomy atmosphere were firing broadsides in quick succession into the midst of the mountains and low lying country to the rear while the many transports well out of harms way, some empty, and others loaded with troops prepared to disembark, were lying about two miles from the shore. The destroyers appeared to be moving hastily from transport to shore transporting men to land as reinforcements to their comrades.

The infantry appeared to be successfully

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