Item 02: From Australia to Gallipoli, ca. 1916 / Dudley V. Walford - Page 21

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It was at these hospitals that that a series of board meetings were held from time to time to examine men considered unfit for further military service.

The serious case were sent back home to Australia. Their wounds were patched up as best as possible, and they were sent back to civic live a miserable and total wreck. The cases which were considered treatable were attended to with great care, and after they had sufficiently recovered they were sent back to the firing line.

We found the medical officers very capable and conscientious. They performed some remarkable operations, and effected many remarkable cures.

The operation rooms, and pathological laboratories were suitably arranged, and tastefully fitted out. Everything was managed in the most efficient manner. Motor ambulances which were supplied by the generosity of the Australian public did excellent work in conveying the wounded and lame from railways to hospital depots. The food was always good and nourishing being a perfect blessing from the regular rations of bully beef and biscuits.

The sleeping accommodation, too, was always welcome. The comfort of a beautiful soft white bed was even more exhilarating than the change of food.

The recreation rooms which were generally well

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