Item 02: From Australia to Gallipoli, ca. 1916 / Dudley V. Walford - Page 60

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Suvla Bay

to gain safety.

I remember one poor Englishman of the South Wales Borders who returned with a terrifying expression on his face. His clothes were alight, and when they were removed they showed three severe wounds bullet wounds through his body. He asked for water and after taking his last sips he fell dead.

Much success was gained on this charge on the left where the Indians gained their objective, and we had effected a lodgement on the Kaiajik Ridge which materially improved our position.

We consolidated our position gain, and beat off a slight bombing attack by the Turks during a night of much anxiety and hardships. The water which was brought up to the lines in kerosene tins was of insufficient quantity, the food was scarce, and the terrific heat from the scorching sun greatly added to the discomfort of our severe privations.

In the morning the newly arrived 18th A.I.F. battalion who was brought up on our left made an attack on the lower slopes of the Ridge & gained about two hundred yards of trenches after suffering most severe casualties.

The next morning we were relieved the 16th Battalion after having earned a well deserved siesta.

The attack was resumed on Aug. 27th and though the Australians were driven back to their original

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