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Chapter 8

From Anzac to Suvla Bay

along the beach for a considerable distance

On August 5th 1915 the fourth brigade was assembled in Reserve Gully by Brigadier-General Monash who carefully detailed the part we were to play the following evening in our endeavour to obtain the ridges of the Sari Bair mountains.

" A first landing was to be made at Suvla Bay by English regiments," he said, "and if we were to see troops in the far distance, not to become anxious as they would for all probability be our own troops advancing to join hands. There would also be great activity at Cape Helles the nature of which would not concern us."

The next morning our time was occupied in collecting rations, cleaning our bayonets and rifles, and sewing white linen bands on our arms and backs so that we would be able to distinguish one another during the dark night as we be certain to become intermingled amongst Turkish troops while performing the delicate operation of an outflanking movement.

In the evening we were concentrated in formation of fours which reached a considerable way down the gulley. Dressed in fighting order, we moved out amongst great enthusiasm and expectations. We were bent on victory, the opening of the narrows and the conquest of Turkey.

It was close to 7 p.m. when we reached the entrance to Reserve Gully. On our way we passed the English regiments who were timed to venture out at a later hour.

The terrific battle of Lone Pine had already begun. The second first brigade were entrusted to the attack on the Turkish trenches there. Our artillery and

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