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Went to service in C. of E. Hut, at the close of the service five of us who were going on draft received the church's blessing.

Thursday April 25th (Anzac Day)
Church parade in Y.M.C.A. Hall at 9 a.m. Bishop Long of Bathurst, spoke of the undying fame that was won by the men of Anzac. 2 p.m. Inspection by the Adjutant those with long hair had to get it cut. 2-30 went to Anzac sports, a very good show, saw the W.A.A.Cs racing, they were a fine lot, and in good condition. The Tug of war was won by the Australian team who beat the Yanks, Canadians and Tommies. After tea went to Concert in Y.M. Hall. A 4 act play "You never can tell" was an excellent performance, lasted from 6-30 to 9 p.m.

Friday, April 26th
6-45 got orders to get ready to move off. 7 a.m. breakfast 8-30 inspected by Lt. Col. O'Donnell. 9 a.m. left camp, after a few stops arrived at station 11-45 and 32 men were put into each truck. Everyone was nearly dead after the march with their kits on (Haversack, mess tin, Waterbottle, Gas mask, tin hat, Waterproof, bandolier, blanket and change of underclothes as well as iron rations). Left Havre 2 p.m. 6 p.m. stopped for a cup of tea at Buchy the country we have passed through has mostly been farming and agricultural, the cattle being of fine quality and in good condition. Left again at 8 p.m., went to bed 9 p.m. all packed together like sardines, heads and tails, our truck had a square wheel

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