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going and coming. There was a motley collection on the roads. Traction Engines, Motor lorries, Ambulances, Tanks by the hundred, Artillery of all kinds (18 pdrs., Anti's, Hows, Navals, & Tanks), Ammunition wagons, Cavalry, Infantry, Motor bicycles and cycles, just one continual stream on both sides of the road. We went through Daours, Aubigny and Hamel. While we were hung up on the road I was speaking to a chap on a tank who said they could carry 50 men and travel 10 miles an hour. Got back to camp about 3 a.m. and went to bed.

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[Transcriber's notes:
Longpre – misspelt as Longpree – P. 5
Flasselles – possibly Flesselles – P. 6
Villers Brogage – possibly Villers Bocage – P. 7
Beaurtacourt – possibly Berteaucourt – P. 8
Villers Bretonneux – misspelt as Villers Bretoneux
Glisy – misspelt as Glissy – P. 14
Epagne – misspelt as Epange – P. 18
Heilly – misspelt as Heeily – P. 27
Franvillers – misspelt as Franvilliers – P. 27
Daours – misspelt as Daiors – P. 30
Lahoussoye – misspelt as La Housouye – P. 30

R.F.A. – Royal Field Artillery – P. 5
R.H.A. – Royal Horse Artillery – P. 5
D.A.C. – Divisional Ammunition Column – P. 8
R.F.C. – Royal Flying Corps – P. 21
G.S. Wagon – General Service Wagon – P. 26]

[Transcribed by Judy Gimbert and Patricia Ryan for the State Library of New South Wales]

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