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of heavy cannonading. At 6 a.m., a big squadron of Flying machines flew over our tents. Moved out of camp at 1-30 for Beurtacourt. While waiting to move, a german taube flew over the camp, and the anti air craft guns started shelling him, they burst very near him and drove him off. Arrived at D.A.C., Boulincourt, 5 p.m., we were then divided into brigades and batterys, I am in the 4th Division, 11th Brigade, 41st Battery, F.A. We were again billeted in barns.

Friday May 3rd
3-30 a.m., we had an aeroplane attack from Fritz, he dropped four bombs within 50 yds. of where I was sleeping, where the bombs hit, they tore up trees, and a thick brick wall, also took all the tiles off the roof alongside, there were 8 chaps wounded and some horses killed, the concussion shook the plaster off the walls of our barn. One hole was about 20 ft. across and about 9 ft. deep, I got a piece of the ariel torpedo. The days work consisted of cleaning the lines, cleaning and grazing donks. 6 p.m. Had to go on Wagon guard, went on my shift at 8 p.m. till 10 p.m.

Saturday May 4th
On guard again 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. It was very erie listening to and seeing the flashes of the guns intermingled with the he haws of the donks. It was just like a continued thunderstorm especially as it was raining. next shift 8 to 10 a.m., everyone busy packing up getting ready to move off. 11-15 a.m. moved out of camp, passed through Behencourt and Pont Noyelles, camped in the open at 4 p.m. had to make a humpy for ourselves. I

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