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could eat, and very good, 1-30 parade, 2 p.m. Medical inspection (S. arm & Scabies), we then went through the Q.M. Stores and got two blankets, 1 tin Hat, 1 pr. underpants, 1 tin dubbin and 1 Waterproof sheet and cape, we were then finished for the day. After tea (5-30) went to the pictures. 8-30 went to bed tired out.

Wednesday, April 24th
Up at 6-30 on parade 6-45 after rollcall we were marched off to breakfast. 8-45 parade, had jerks and games till 10-30. (I took part in cockfighting, by some means made my opponent's nose bleed, but he won.) We were then dismissed for the morning.

12-30 parade, with gas masks, and waterproofs and tin hats had to march about 2½ miles (all up hill) to the gas testing at the "Tommies" camp, it took all afternoon to put us through Lacramentary and Chlorine Gas, drill and lecture, arrived back in camp 6 p.m. as hungry as hawks. The march was through some fine country thickly wooded, from the camp a fine view could be seen right across to the bay at Le Havre, with the town in the valley with some fine hills as a background.

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