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shooting, had to dig in the trail so as to get the elevation. After tea Fritz started shelling again, nearly got the French battery on our right.

Friday May 17th
One of the gothas came down in front of our battery during the early morning, but the two Huns got away. The weather is getting very warm.

Saturday May 18th
Had a quiet day. 7.30 pm. had to go and dig dug outs at the forward position. Fritz lobbed 3 shells right amongst us and scattered us, wounded one chap in the leg. I experienced that feeling of having my heart in my mouth and wanting a stick to push it down again.

Sunday May 19th
On S.O.S. 12 midnight till 1-30 a.m. filled in the time shovelling earth over the white stones from the control pit. Watched one of Fritz's planes using his machine gun along the trenches, he then started to drop bombs. had to go and help finish the forward gun positions after breakfast until dinner time.

Monday May 20th
Had a quiet day, was roused out of bed at 11-30 p.m. to shoot.

Tuesday May 21st
Shooting all night, until 5.15 a.m. (6 hours). At 4 a.m. one of Fritz's planes flew over and started sowing bombs, he dropped one on our ammunition dump and burnt it (it made some flare). 6.30 a.m. had a little breakfast and went to bed, slept until 12.30 midday. 4.30 p.m. had another shoot (had my first turn as No. 3).

Wednesday May 22nd
Had a quiet day, had to go on S.O.S. 11 p.m. to 12.30, while on saw a bomb

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