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While we were stopped for a rest I went into one of the wrecked houses & got a few souveniers. It seemed awful to think that innocent civilians had to suffer in such a way. After passing through, the countryside took on its peaceful aspect again, the soil being cultivated and crops of rye & barley for acres and acres intermingled with beautiful patches of varied hued wildflowers. At 2.30 p.m. I had to go on guard with 3 others over 2 prisoners (handcuffed). We had to walk all the way to our stopping place which we reached at 5-15 p.m., only having 10 minutes spell during that time, needless to say we were slightly fagged after it. After we were relieved I went into the town (Hangest) and had a good feed, then came back and went to bed out in the open.

Tuesday June 4th
Up at 5 a.m., left Hangest 8.30 a.m. on the last part of our journey. The day was fine and cool. We passed through some very nice villages and towns and the countryside along the way made me think of Aussie with its crops and fruit trees. Along the roadway we passed hundreds of guns and limbers that were being repaired and overhauled. I saw some Italian troops in one of the villages. Passed through Pont Remy (one of my old camping places). Arrived at our camping place 4 p.m. (Epagne), then made horse lines under some beautiful big trees. We are camped in a French Chateau near the Somme River and it is some place. After tea went for a walk to the river and had a look round.

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