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cooking). Don't have to do any gun work. Got a letter from Uncle Robert. I am camped in a bonza humpy, has a wire mattress, belonged to the O.C. of 54th Batt. Wrote letters (8) until midnight. One of Fritz's planes came over and brought down two of our balloons and sneaked off again.

Sunday July 14th
Showery all day, made some soup for dinner, the boys wanted to know if it was porridge or dishwater. After tea wrote some more letters.

Monday July 15th
A dull morning, one of Fritz's planes came over in the clouds and set fire to one of our balloons, it was rather amusing seeing the observers jumping out with their parachutes. Had a shoot during the afternoon blowing out some Hun machine gun positions. At ½ past 5 Fritz opened out on the 42nd Battery and knocked two guns out, but got no men, as every one got off at the toot. The right section moved off to their new position.

Tuesday July 16th
During afternoon packed up ready to move. 10 p.m. packed a G.S. Wagon with kits and moved off to new positions. The wagon almost turned over through getting into a shell hole coming along the road. During Morning over 100 of our planes went over Fritzs line and towelled him up, the planes seemed to be everywhere at the same time.

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