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by machine guns in front of our wagon lines. 9.30 got orders to pack my kit and go up to the guns at 10 p.m. Arrived at the new gun position, Vaux, 11.30 and unloaded ammunition. 12.30 the guns arrived, after putting them in position and covering them up, went to bed, camped alongside a brick wall out in the open.

Saturday June 29th
Up at 6.30 had to cook the breakfast. After breakfast cleaned out the room, then went into the village and got a table and five chairs, to make ourselves comfortable. Then finished our dug out, went to bed 12.30 after stacking ammo.

Sunday June 30th
After breakfast went and dug some potatoes that were growing near, slept all afternoon, then wrote a letter home. Went on S.O.S. 10 p.m. to 12 midnight. While on I saw two of Fritz's dumps set on fire by our Planes, lit up the whole sky.

Monday July 1st
After tea saw some good fights in the air between our planes and Fritz's, five came down, four Fritzs and one of ours, both in flames. Every night about 10 p.m. Fritz shells all round us. To night sent over some gas.

Tuesday July 2nd
My turn to cook, getting quite a don at it. Saw an enormous number of planes up, 151 of them were counted.

Wednesday July 3rd
Did some washing.(clothes). Made our dug out gas proof. Getting ready for the stunt on the morrow. 7 p.m. had to go with two others up on the hill and

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