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After we had walked and trotted past General Birdwood, he presented some Military medals and D.C.M.'s to the men in the Brigade who had won them. The parade looked very well, consisting of hundreds of men, horses, guns and wagons.

Monday June 10th
No parades, treated like a Sunday. Rained all morning. 5-30 p.m. had to go on Town Picquet until 12 p.m. Knocked out a bit of fun wandering round the different boozers.

Tuesday June 11th
After dinner went with Ron into Abbeville, had to walk all the way. It is cruel the way the town has been knocked about by bombs. Statues, shops, houses, and furniture all smashed to pieces. I went into two of the big Cathedrals, they were beautifully furnished, with oil paintings and statuary all round the walls, they were the finest I have yet seen in a R.C. Church. It is quite depressing to see so many people dressed in black and seeing all the wrecked houses.

Wednesday June 12th
Had to go on the water cart and fill it twice, then help dig a trench. After dinner went to the 4th Divisional Horse races, met Ed Tonkin there. Saw some very good racing.

Thursday June 13th
After dinner sneaked off and went to Bray with Row and had a hot bath

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