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Left the left section behind us to come on next day. Arrived at Pont Noyelles near Corbie (our wagon lines) 4.45 p.m. and relieved the 53rd Battery, who were going out for a spell. 7 p.m. I had to go on Guard.

Friday June 21st
On guard 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. rained during the night, very cold and windy. Came off guard 6 p.m. went to bed early as it was raining.

Saturday June 22nd
rained all night. During the early morning Fritz sent over a few big shells and wounded 7 horses & donks. Our S.M. left to go to O.T.C. in England. Put in the day cleaning up the horse lines, cleaning and watering donks. After tea (7.30) had to go to the guns with Ammunition, got back 9.30. had a rough ride as the drivers were racing each other along the road. Got 6 letters from Aussie, 1 from wife, 1 from Mim, 1 from Vi, 2 from Clarice, 1 from Mr. & Mrs. Rose. Where we are camped is where a battle was fought between the French and Germans in the Prussian war, there is a big stone monument to mark the place.

Sunday June 23rd
Had the afternoon off, filled in the time writing letters (6), some letter writer!

Monday June 24th
Slept in - didn't get up till 7 a.m. slept like a log all night. 9 a.m. up befor the beak for missing 1st parade, was let off with a caution. Put in the day pick & shoveling. After tea went for a walk over to an observation balloon and had a look round it, had it explained to us by the chap on guard.

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