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9 in. Naval and 75s, make a small noise when they are all firing. Two of our chaps went into Villers Bretoneux on a foraging expedition and brought back Cardigans, Ladies stockings, Scarves and reels of cotton.

Thursday May 9th
Didn't get up until 8 a.m. put in the day on the dugout, making it shrapnel proof. I got paid 40 Francs (£1-9-4) my first pay in the field. 11-30 p.m. had to go on Gas and S.O.S. Guard until 1 a.m. The sky was lit up with Star shells and the flashes of the guns and bursting shells. The shells passing overhead sounded like the rush of a train intermingled with the rattle of rifles and machine guns, and through it all could be hard the whistling of some night birds.

Friday May 10th
Digging holes all day. The weather for the last 3 days has been "Tray Bon". Two of our chaps went into Villers Bretoneux again and brought back a motley collection of goods (a clock, a chair, ink etc.).

Saturday May 11th
My turn to do the cooking for the centre section. for breakfast I fried bacon and bread, Dinner, roast beef, stewed figs and rice, Tea, bully beef stew, which I spoiled through putting too much salt into it. Supper, Cocoa and milk. Fritz shelled the gully to the right of our battery, but did no damage.

Sunday May 12th
Had an easy day. 9 p.m. had to go on S.O.S. till 10.30. Fritz had two searchlights on the go. (He must have had the wind up.)

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