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and it took a long while to get to sleep, slept in instalments until 8 a.m.

Saturday, April 27th
Arrived at Pont Remy 9-30 and disentrained, had a roll call then moved off to camp arriving at 10-45, uphill all the way. 8 men were allotted to each tent. From the camp a fine view can be obtained of the surrounding country, (mostly farming). 2 p.m. parade, had the standing orders read to us, then we were dismissed for the day. In the camp are R.F.A., R.H.A., Indians and "Aussies". Along the roadways is to be seen in large quantities, guns of various kinds, carts, wagons and other implements of war.

5.30 went for a walk into the town, went over the Somme River, went inside the R.C. Cathedral, had a lot of images and lighted candles around the walls and on pedestals. Had a feed of steak and chips with a cup of black coffee cost 2 frs 30 cent (wasn't bad either).

Sunday April 28th
Breakfast at 7-30, a mug of tea, a small piece of bacon and slice of bread. 2.30 p.m. parade with full kits up, moved out onto the road at 3 p.m. and formed up into divisions. 3.30 set out for Longpree, 6 miles away, arrived at ΒΌ to 6 then had a mug of tea and two biscuits, everyone growling at the march, while at the station I saw a lot of refugees

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