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we went into a cottage and made ourselves at home. Madame was quite pleased to have us. Started on the 2nd part of our march at 2.30, reached Villers Brogage 4 p.m., we were then put into tents. Went for a walk into the village and had a look round. All along the road to camp was very busy with horse wagons and motor lorries, hundreds of them must have passed us. Our tent leaked like fun all night, it was very pleasant dodging the drops, it is very nice here, mud everywhere. I was kept awake with the booming of the guns and the cold.

Wednesday May 1st
7 a.m. breakfast, tea, bully and biscuit. Moved off on our march at 9-30 a.m. Our officers didn't know the way with the result we got lost and walked about four miles more than we should. Arrived at Allonville 1 oclock, hungry and tired. passed through a few small villages. along the roadway we saw hundreds of chinese making earth works and entanglements. also saw the usual traffic of motors and troops. After dinner lay down and slept until 5-30 then had tea. One of the chaps in our tent was taken to hospital.

Thursday May 2nd
Had our usual bully & biscuit for breakfast. I was awakened at a ΒΌ to 3 by the sound

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