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[Transcriber's note: James McCall Young, Scottish born, living in Diamond Creek Victoria, enlisted on 6 March, 1917 at 30 years of age. This second diary commences in Codford, England with the journey across to France. Most of his time is spent in the Somme area where he describes his duties working on the guns, tending the horses and donkeys and at times being the cook. He describes the various attacks from both sides in the air and on the ground and gives some details of those killed and wounded. At times he explores the surrounding villages, looking at the churches and the area in general and commenting on the devastation that has taken place.]

No. 35915
Gnr. J.M. Young
F.A. A.I.F.
April 22nd, 1918
4th Division, 11th Brigade
41st Battery

Tancks Corner, Diamond Creek
Victoria, Australia

Monday April 22nd
Up at 6 a.m. rolled my blankets and passed them into the Q.M. Stores. 8-30 parade, had another med. inspection, then got our kits ready. 10-30 parade again with full kits up, after inspection we moved out onto the road. 11-15, started off for Codford headed by the pipers. (Rowl King took a photo of me with my full kit on.) When we arrived at the station we had a cup of tea and a pkt. of biscuits given to us by the C. of E. institue. We boarded the train at 1-15, 8 men to each compartment, arrived at Southampton at 3-30 p.m. after about a dozen stops on the way.

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