Item 02: James McCall Young diary, 22 April-5 August 1918 - Page 49

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together. Had a shoot during the afternoon. I gave them roast beef, boiled spuds & onions for tea. I went up on the hill and had a look through the glasses at the ground over which the drive took place. Saw a plane and two tanks that were put out of action during the fight. All the ground is honeycombed with the bursting of the shells. During the stunt a new idea was tried, Aeroplanes were used to take up ammunition for the infantry and tanks, and it worked well. 10.15 p.m. got orders to stand too as Fritz was making another attack. He got well slathered for his troubles.

Saturday July 6th
Called out at 3 a.m. to give Fritz another dose of iron. Our gun got out of action twice during the stunt, broke the firing pin and the trigger "part two", but we made up for it when we got going.

In the stunt of 4th July we got 1200 prisoners. In the counter attack we got over 100 prisoners.

got back into bed 4.30 slept until30 a.m. At ¼ to 10 p.m. Fritz dropped some shells on us, killed Cliff Meagher and wounded Capt. Kitoe, Corp. Fairclough and Gunner Carter, we were unloading ammunition at the time. One wagon had a lucky escape, it had just moved off when a shell landed where it had been standing.

Sunday July 7th
Roused out at 12 to do a shoot. Our infantry made another advance of 700 yards and got a few more prisoners. My turn to cook again. Wrote some letters during afternoon.

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