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stores in no. 6 Hatch but was soon put out without causing much damage. We left Pier at 6. am and returned to moorings Everything ready to move off.
Mock courtmarshall at 7 pm Bathurst was tried on a charge of wearing a belt insufficiently tight to prevent his heart from slipping into the seat of his trousers & having told our comrades on the "Benalla" that all the men of the A.S.C. were suffering from Germanitis. He was found guilty & sentenced to a shower bath, a blanketing & Sent to Coventry for 14 Days. The Sentence was carried out right away and as there was not sufficient water in the shower the hose was turned on him.
Sunday Nov. 1st .
Nice and fresh Set sail at 7.45. and passed through the mouth of the Sound at 8.25 Sea very calm
We are moving along three abreast. The Afric is the fourth ship in the third line that is the last line on the port starboard

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