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at once makes it worse.
All round the wharf is filthy dirty though there are plenty of natives with brooms who are supposed to sweep it and there are a few dilapidated buildings in the vicinity.
There is a regiment of Imperial Army Medical Corps here also a regiment of Dragoon Guards.
The AM.C. uniform in khaki drill with peak caps (like our officers) and puttees. They some time wear short trousers just above the knee and puttees.
They cant come up to the Australian Soldier for neatness though. They are left far behind.
My opinion of the place is not overwhelming as far as I have seen. We are landing to-night at 6.30
Ball ammunition is to be issued as soon as we land on account of the Union Jack being hoisted to-morrow.
If the rain continues we shall have it wet for the disembarkation as we did when we embarked. We are going to a place called "Mena" which is situated about

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